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My mobile Game Ducky has been approved for sponsor view how long time I should expect for bids to start coming ? How much do sponsors tend to pay for mobile games ?

Any suggestions or recommendation regarding dealing with sponsors and how every thing works is appreciated.

posted 2015-12-29T19:04:56-08:00

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Just checked your game (Ducky) via YouTube video. Good game but I think it can be improved first :
1. You need to polish it more. Need some various explosion effect and types of targets.2. The BGM feel too repetitive. IMHO it is better to use 'fun' or 'childish' BGM.
3. The color combinations seems need to be improved. E.g : Light blue meets Red doesn't seems to be suitable. You can use this game for your reference regarding color combination : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeWSQh_S0uk

Good luck with your project!

posted 2016-01-10T15:14:19-08:00

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According to FGL staff, using FGL Enhance to implement mobile ads may increase chances of finding a publisher.

I guess once approved, the game gets more chances as it appears on the "new games" section.

Sponsors may also trust more developers with high reputation level.
And maybe games stand out from the crowd based on reputation points, I don't really know how it works.

posted 2016-03-12T11:54:32-08:00 | edited 2016-03-12T11:54:56-08:00

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I checked your game Ducky. Good one

posted 2016-03-16T06:38:04-07:00