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Hi guys,

I'm planning to make an online game and I want to code server-side myself. But I'm really lost, cant find any good tutorial for it. All I find is serverside scripting for webpages, and all of them are so basic with just database operations.. I need some beginning to advanced tutorial to study what I need and I'm willing to spend lots of time to learn it well.

If any of you guys have a good advice, I'm really thankful

-Best regards,


posted 2015-12-26T12:37:31-08:00

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Im not sure there are many examples, but what you need to search for is how to make an xml socket server

Ive not really looked at it properly, but you could try this:

posted 2016-01-04T18:52:18-08:00

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I used to use Perl for XML socket servers, it was quite robust.

Today I would suggest using "nodejs and socketio".  There are some easy tutorials via Google that explain the principles and how to extend basic chat systems.  Nodejs was designed with application state preservation in mind, so games are quite intuitive to make with it (i.e. without excessive database use).  Plus, being Javascript, the server can share a good chunk of code with the client so server authoritative logic becomes quite elegant.  In my opinion, using Haxe to create the Javascript takes the elegance a step further.

posted 2016-01-04T19:18:34-08:00

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Yeah, websockets and node.js are really cool technologies to work with. Hosts with that tech enabled seemed a bit expensive though.

Also, making a good working game with syncronous online is a very hard thing to do; I'd recommend trying a turn based game or something even more async.

I did a CCG prototype using Dart, node.js and mongodb  :) I never finished it because yeah... I noticed how much work it'll take to make a pleasant and smooth online experience for the players and now I've forgot all I learned :P Anyway, I say go for it, learn about websockets and keep the game's scope super small!

...and post your progress :) Cheers!

posted 2016-01-08T16:08:39-08:00