Beta version and now what?

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My game reached beta version with all basic functionality implemented.

Now i wonder if not open it to public beta as i read that there arent many publisher willing to sponsor unity games.

What would you suggest me to do? It is my first published game i worked few months on it, i would like people to play it but it would be nice to get some profits from it.

posted 2015-12-15T08:59:40-08:00

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Try and see if you get sponsors. otherwise release it with ads.

Its fun making games in unity but there are less sponsors buying it

posted 2015-12-15T14:07:32-08:00

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Have you uploaded it to FGL yet?

If not, I would start there, if you have..... Then you can open it up for developers to view before you decide to place it up in the bidding marketplace.

Developers can offer feedback before the game is available for publishers to view.

You can also take advantage of our pre-review service as well.

Opening your game up for beta outside of FGL may cause issues with a publisher if the game gets stolen or tons of plays.

posted 2015-12-15T19:59:02-08:00