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So, I have about 98723498723 tracks that are just sitting here gathering dust so I figured I'd give them a little love then put them up for stock licensing. I didn't want to go the Audio Jungle route, because, well, Audio Jungle.

A couple of people here mentioned gamedevmarket and pond5 so I started there. Son of a bitch.. wait times to get included are stupid. I put two tracks up on each to start.

GDM took two weeks, two damn weeks to OK 2 tracks. I sent them a mail about a week out and they replied (a few days later) that basically they were busy. When my two tracks finally went up, I noticed nothing new had come across the site, so not sure what they were busy with. I put two more up and am now a week and a half out without them being reviewed.

pond5 didn't even notify me when they OKed my damn account. It's been about a week and a half with four tracks up and they are still under review.

I'm glad places care about what they are selling and do QC, but damn, these wait times are silly.

If anyone finds a place worth a crap to sell stock, let me know.

posted 2015-12-02T19:49:05-08:00

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Quick update.

Still only testing on GameDevMarket and Pond5. Both are still still pretty slow at approving tracks but GameDevMarket seems a tad quicker.

GDM allows for easily bundling sounds or tracks, Pond5, not so much. GDM makes you do the usual preview tracks with watermarks, Pond5, you just upload the track and roll. Overall, I like the layout and UI better on GDM, but both have serious drawbacks (no product or profile view/click/search stats is pretty stupid).

Because of the slow process and the oddly missing 'granular' stats, I have no idea which one actually creates more sales. I'll keep churning and update.

posted 2015-12-08T23:29:29-08:00