i need suggestions and advices to improve main menu screen

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hi all,

how i can improve my games main menu screen, any kind of suggestion and advice will be deeply appreciated.

here is main menu


best regards

posted 2015-11-26T09:10:00-08:00

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i would work the front white cloud to create a clearer space around the characters/title. Same things than your icon, put a blue gradient for sky, also you can add some semi-transparent clouds in the background. What would be nice also is to add small trees or house in the background, but having them small enough to reach the bottom of the MORE GAMES button.

posted 2015-11-26T16:09:16-08:00

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hi Blackizzy and all others

by keeping your suggestions in mind i have made following changes to main menu screen.

gradient applied to sky.

clouds and trees added and some transparency was applied.

tried to free some space around title and corrector.s

also tried to blur rainbow and balloons, and also recently replaced the space ship with witch please have a look at it too.

i am looking forward to your advice.

main menu screen image

best regards,

posted 2015-11-27T12:30:03-08:00

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It's way better, the trees looks perfect. I would remove the blur on the balloon since it is usually elements in the background wich get depth of field blur, for example the trees, but in this case they  look good like they are. But i am curious to see how it would look without any blur.

   Could you try to remove the white cloud wich has the title inside? Maybe just try to apply a dark stroke(photoshop/layer style/stroke) to the title with characters and see how it looks.

  Beside that, if you want to further improve graphics, work the buttons, especially dimension.  The same amount of space(padding)  should be kept around the button's text. For example, the ABOUT button has nearly no space around it compared to PLAY. From what i see, all the text inside those are the same height, so the buttons should keep the same height consistently. You could also try to make like the balloons and add small white spots to simulate light reflection on them, and make them looks inflated.

posted 2015-11-27T13:55:50-08:00

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At this point, the buttons need to be scrapped and remade.

some work on the title would be good too.

You could do some fun parallax scrolling based on mouse position with the balloons and rainbow if you want to create a 3d effect.

posted 2015-11-27T21:13:38-08:00 | edited 2015-11-27T21:15:14-08:00

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hi all

keeping above suggestions in mind, i have made following changes.

pardon me if iam missing some thing.always waiting for your suggestions and advices.

1) blur removed from balloons

2) tried new buttons having color seeds  which will be thrown towards that witch.

3) clouds removed from title.

updated main menu v2

best regards,

posted 2015-11-30T11:12:12-08:00

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 Maybe the title need to be scaled up a bit (something around 20%) and try adding the dark stroke around it, to put  a bit more emphasis and make it looks like it's on foreground even more.

  The buttons are not looking good, personnally i prefered the rounded style of the old ones, you just need to balance the size and have their dimensions consistent with text centered. If you are not good with buttons try to find some free models over the net.

  I just noticed you took the balloons from a stock photo site, since i can still read the text over it.  You should try to create brand new ones from vectors directly in flash

posted 2015-11-30T14:16:47-08:00

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The title should definitely be your focal point.  It looks like there is A LOT going on here.

I would lose the ballons, make the title WAY BIGGER, and ditch the bubble objects near the buttons. 

If you want the buttons to have the effect that I think you are going for, I would just add an outer glow to the text in whichever program you are using.

I would also make the rainbow more transparent, not blurry.

posted 2015-12-04T15:57:36-08:00