We're getting our logical-tactical game on Steam!

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It's been a while FGL, you changed a lot :).

It is like chess but the units have statistics and your opponent is noticeably dumber than the average grandmaster. But still smart enough to be fun and challenging.

Steam URL: http://store.steampowered.com/app/369310

Monstro: Battle Tactics is a game we've developed for some time and released without any success independently. Now it's hitting steam with a lot of upgrades, especially with the graphical interface and controls! It's going to be available for purchase on December 3. I'll not repeat the information from steam, feel free to check it out yourself :).

The game is written in AS3, uses Starling for GPU acceleration and is built atop our own framework which slightly outdated version you can find on github. It had its first release at the beginning of 2014 but as mentioned it wasn't very successful, this time we hope it'll be a little better :).

And I know this account's name is Mauft.com - that's the name of sole proprietorship but we currently release everything under Retrocade.net name :).

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What kind of marketing have you done to build hype for your release to hit that crucial "Popular New Release" category?  How difficult did you find the Steamworks API interfacing with AS3?

Any other insight on releasing on Steam is welcome too.

Hope everything goes smoothly.  Game looks great.

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I'll check it out looks interesting

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