What is unity?

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There could be a post placed or stuck at the top of the thread page of the unity forum, describing things about unity and the differences between unity and flash or something similar. Other things that could be mentioned is more detail about unity on that post that detail unity to limit questions and/or repeat questions. Just a small suggestion for this unity part of the forums.

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yes you're right lons, but since you can directly type "unity3d" in google and the homepage is there right away, it's really no big deal to introduce it here, since you can learn so much from their official site

Basically the biggest advantage I can recall for flash is that flash can make vector/movieclip based animation soo easily, if your game is 2d animation heavily based or you already have your own very mature cross-platform framework and you just want to stick around with 2d games, you should keep using flash

Otherwise if you want to go all cross-platform with just one mouse click/ 3D games/ quick physics feature game/developing mobile games without much efforts you can try Unity, if you are familiar with ActionScript, Unity's C# script is no challenge to you

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