Haxe OpenFL book (requires author!)

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I was again approached by Apress (a publisher of information technology books, based in New York City) to write an OpenFL book.

Not really on my todo list, but they are persistent so perhaps there is a small financial opportunity?

Is this of interest to you? Do you have expertise with OpenFL and skills in language and technical explanations?  Are you seeking an author credit on your CV?  Do you wish to assist the OpenFL community in a tangible way?

If so comment here or PM me and I'll connect you to the Editorial Director as best I can.

posted 2015-10-19T23:00:10-07:00

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I wish I could write the whole book myself! Well, I'm not a writer and definitely don't have enough knowledge about Haxe and OpenFL. Not yet.

Here's a request:

Please cover HaxeFlixel. Maybe also HaxePunk, Flambe, LuxeEngine, Kha. But most importantly please cover HaxeFlixel in your book.

posted 2015-10-20T12:38:44-07:00

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It would be great to have some documentation covering the in's and out of OpenFL, i've been using it for over a year and still dont understand it !

posted 2015-10-23T10:11:29-07:00