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I was so happy making my game work so smooth and looking good :} but then i made test .apk and put on mobile. On my phone (oneplus one) wokrs just great, but then i showed it on work to friend, and on other good android it was like 20fps, but on avarage android it was 2fps :( and now i feel that my game has no future on mobiles if it will be this way. Anyone have idea about technologies i can use to make games that work smoothly on mobiles and are close to web technologies like javascript AS3 etc?

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posted 2015-09-29T07:41:51-07:00

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Citrus Engine

posted 2015-09-29T09:50:50-07:00

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You could use with Canvas+ to wrap your HTML5 game. It has great performance.

posted 2015-09-29T13:39:10-07:00

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Consider that PhoneGap, by default, will use the default WebView.  For some Android devices that can be non-accelerated, hence hugely varied performances (especially if Pixi was expecting GPU).

CocoonJS Canvas+ is one option for universal accelerated canvas, but may require some reworking of your code as it's a JS subset.  Easier (imo) alternatives are using Intel XDK (very similar to PhoneGap) which defaults to the enhanced Crosswalk WebView, or changing the default WebView in PhoneGap to use CrossWalk (this is a recent option):

posted 2015-09-29T16:16:29-07:00

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Phone gap has always given terrible performance so I recommend CocoonJS Canvas+ or Intel XDK as well. 

But before you even go there, have you tried to optimize the game first? Such as lowering draw calls and compressing the sound and art files? This should probably be your first step before wrapping the game for mobile devices.

posted 2015-09-29T22:09:48-07:00