Artist WANTED, top-down/cartoon-realism, (Currently for portfolio - potentially paid)

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To keep the ad cleaner I cut out some information from my full job offer. It explains who I am and why I'm doing this. If you would like to read that I have it posted here.

I need an artist who could design things commonly found in households and neighborhoods (top-down)(cartoon-realism). It will also consist of multiple sprites, for the player and enemies. I would like there to be in game items that are purchasable, so being able to design exchangeable gear is necessary. I would like to start by making it for PC, although, I would eventually like this to be a mobile game as well.

This is currently a portfolio piece, but in the possible success of the game, it could lead to payment and potential future jobs.

If you are interested email me at:

posted 2015-08-26T17:30:05-07:00