[gamejam#31] Game Jam #31 Official Thread - $100 for 1st Place!

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Thank you all for joining us for our first Anonymous, Mobile Only game jam. You can watch them again anytime from our YouTube channel and I hope to see you all for the next one, where we'll have MORE Cash & Prizes to give away!

Congratulations to the winners of FGL Game Jam #31!

- 1st Place - Skill Box by Zaksoid (score: 4.194)

- 2nd Place - Vanish It! by Cobrex (score: 4.125)

- 3rd Place - O by Bryce (score: 3.917)

Up Next:

  • August 5th - Begin collecting themes for the next game jam
  • August 14th - 1st Round Vote begins to narrow down themes
  • August 21st - 2nd Round Vote begins for the final theme for the next game jam
  • August 28th - fgl Game Jam #31 Begins
  • August 31st - fgl Game Jam #31 Ends & Judging begins
  • Sept 4th - Judging ends & Winners Announced!
  • Prizes & Badges will be delivered shortly
  • Sept 7th - Theme Brainstorming for Game Jam #32 Begins!

Game Jam #31 Start/End:

Start: August 28th @ 3pm pacific - August 31st @ 3pm pacific :End


Game Jam #31 Theme:

Simplest possible game

Contest Rules: (Please follow the rules to avoid being disqualified!)

  • Entry must remain anonymous until after judging
  • Create a game between the Start/End times
  • Entry must be Enhanced™ (takes ~1 min)
  • APK or IPA must be uploaded to fgl.com 
  • The theme must be central to the game
  • DO NOT request approval for your entry until after judging (and your game) is complete; You are unlikely to sell licenses to a prototype in the Bidding Marketplace, so there is no benefit to being approved until the game is complete.

How to Enter:

All participants must upload their entries to fgl and send a link privately to FGL_Aaron or through the ticket system. Any game entered or altered after the deadline will be disqualified!


  • Judging will be split between fgl staff and YOU! We'll play/record the mobile games and then add videos to the poll.
    • Judging begins shortly after the jam ends. Follow us on Twitter(@FGL_Team) or here to get notified!
  • Winners will be announced once Judging is complete
  • Prizes are usually awarded shortly after the winners are announced
  • fgl Admins may participate in the jam, but will be bypassed when awarding prizes


1st Place - Skill Box by Zaksoid (score: 4.194) 

  • $100 Sent via Paypal
  • Community Spotlight Interview about your studio/process/whatever!
  • Mention in the Developer Newsletter
  • Game Jam Profile Badge
  • 500 fgl community points
  • 15 First Impression credits

2nd Place - Vanish It! by Cobrex (score: 4.125) 

  • $30 Sent via Paypal
  • Mention in the Developer Newsletter
  • Game Jam Profile Badge
  • 250 fgl community points
  • 10 First Impression credits

3rd Place - O by Bryce (score: 3.917) 

  • $20 Sent via Paypal
  • Mention in the Developer Newsletter
  • Game Jam Profile Badge
  • 150 fgl community points
  • 5 First Impression credits

All participants who upload an entry

  • 50 fgl community points

 Need Help? Post here or Contact us

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The Final Theme has been selected!

Here are the themes that ranked in the top three slots:

  • Simplest possible game: (17.5824175824%)
  • Minimalism: (14.2857142857%)
  • Addictive: (9.89010989011%)
  • Magical: (9.89010989011%)
  • Easy to understand hard to Master: (9.89010989011%)

Good luck everyone!

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And that brings FGL Game Jam #31 to an end!

Thank you all for taking the time to continue supporting our game jams and a BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU to the generous Friends of Indie Game Developers who's donations made the cash prize pool po$$ble!

I'm working through the entries now, validating their eligibility, installing them on my mobile phone, and recording my play throughs.

Be sure to check back as the videos will be posted and you'll be able to help select the Winner of FGL Game Jam #31!

Good luck everyone :)

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I wanted to join and already build the game but couldn't find the entries thread. Good luck to the entries!

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Heh, no entries thread this time around! ;)

Also, just a heads up, the videos are just about finished and judging will begin shortly. I've had a lot of fun with these games, awesome job everyone. We have 19 entries in total!

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FGL_Aaron said:

 I've had a lot of fun with these games, awesome job everyone. We have 19 entries in total!

Aaron, I sent you a message with the link to the game, but I see that they have still not processed. Did you see my game? ))

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Hey Zaksoid! Sure did, I was just putting together a fancy poll to make judging a bit easier! Smile

Get ready to get your vote on!

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I'm stuck in building a mobile version of my game made this weekend, but such forced work was fun and challenging! 

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There were some quite interesting games :)

When I've rated the games how can I return to watch the videos again? The link on top says "You've already taken this poll."

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Thanks for the list @danishgoel !

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Thanks for asking! I actually created a Playlist on YouTube to hold all of the videos for public consumption.. but then left it private! You can view the Playlist here as well Smile

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Thank you all for taking the time to help pick a winning game! 

Congratulations to the winners of FGL Game Jam #31!

- 1st Place - Skill Box by Zaksoid (score: 4.194)

- 2nd Place - Vanish It! by Cobrex (score: 4.125)

- 3rd Place - O by Bryce (score: 3.917)

Please let us know what you liked or didn't like from this game jam to help make the next one even better! We have cash prizes lined up for the next jam as well, so be sure to mark your calendar.

Last weekend of every month is FGL Game Jam time!

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Congratulations to the winners and all participants.

@FGL_Aaron Can you show all the results of the vote?

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Congratulation to all participants!
And thanks to all for voting!
My shortly humble opinion based by videos:

1 "Box Boxer in Boxland" Nice art and sound fx! Maybe add more smooth control of hero and jumps and bonuses as armor, bottles with alcohol and flying dragons! :D
2 "Button Rule" Best match of theme! Great idea for training reaction and rhythm, not for the nervous people! Clear and easy GUI! How much levels? )
3 "Candy Plane" Neat graphics! Maybe add a more abilities, upgrades and enemies.
4 "Hold" this like IDLE game? I don't understand the mechanics. Icon and Start screen very intrigue!
5 "I Love my Circle" Excellent avoider! But not understand why blue or green scores? ) Cool final explosion effect!
6 "Kape" Nice math puzzle game.Step-by-step or based on timing? Good if this is support two players!
7 "Money Machine" Acceleration of speed this game is shocking! :D
8 "Mr.Bootleg" Best graphics! Most completed game! Where's green lightsaber? ;)
9 "O" Best game title!:) Dizzy addictive game with energetic music and cool hell laugh!
10 "PnP" i am a transistor? How much volts? :) Fine concept! Maybe add some triggers?
11 "Poto" Kind game with cute hero! Great for this theme!
12 "Simply" Good shooter! Maybe reskine art and placed virtual joystick and fire button to left and right corner?
13 "Skill Box" Modern flat style with simple but interesting mechanics. My favorite!
14 "SummoBot" Good concept! More polishing and add different abilities! This mechanic really needs for choice of tactic (attack and defender), i think.
15 "Survive At All Costs" Cute top down popper! :)
16 "The Simplest Game Ever" Very dynamic music in game! I want a something (tail from hero or clock-bombs) to destroy the enemies! :)
17 "Vanish It!" my game, that made at few last hours, and i polish her just now.
18 "Unlimited minimalistic pinball-fly mix" Good prototype! Move towards to launcher games.
19 "Zag Zig" Very suitable relaxing music, unusual concept! Controls by swipe or touch? Perfectly if add 3D rotation!

This Game Jamm was not easy :) I've done a few prototypes (as button with timer like a "LOST" film, crorodile eat the birds or breeding rabbits :D ) and all was go trash as not simple possible games. Hard to find balance between minimalism and interesting gameplay.

I hope all games to be polished and released!
Many thanks FGL for Jam and prizes!
Sorry for many text and my bad English )

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@FlipperOk - You got it! Here are the full results of the vote:

  • Skill Box 4.19
  • Vanish It! 4.13
  • O 3.92
  • Mr.Bootleg 3.82
  • Poto 3.72
  • I Love My Circle 3.68
  • Box Boxer in Boxland 3.46
  • The Simplest Game Ever 3.18
  • PNP 2.96
  • Button Rule [Jam entry] 2.67
  • Candy Plane 2.67
  • Hold 2.35
  • Simply 2.35
  • Kape 2.28
  • Zag Zig 2.28
  • Unlimited minimalistic pinball-fly mix 2.25
  • SummoBot 2.07
  • Money Machine 1.78
  • Survive at all costs 1.72

@Cobrex - Thanks a lot for taking the time to offer some feedback on the entries, I know that the developers of the games (and I) appreciate it! Although you are limited by not being able to play the games, there is a fair amount of feedback that can be extracted through watching someone play it.

For that reason, I'd like to offer a BONUS +50 Community Points to anyone who follows your example and offers their opinion on the entries. Thanks!

@Everyone - This time around I tried really hard to remain quiet during the recordings so that the games (and audio) could speak for themselves without my input/opinion/ideas getting in the way. That worked well for most of them, though some of my reactions did bleed through to the recording (like the "cool hell laugh" in O, heh). If we go anonymous or mobile again, would it be better or describe my experience (how it feels) and what's going through my head at the time? Or would it be better to let the game shine on it's own, as we did this time around?

I similarly have not left feedback myself, as I didn't want my input to affect the results. However, I'l be sure to post some feedback for every entry soon!

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I think that your reactions may affect how other people perceive the game. Having said that, maybe it would be a good idea to convey something about the game that cannot be perceived by the video watchers. For example if controls are tricky and not responding in a way you'd expect, you should probably mention that.

I have never yet done a mobile game, thus, didn't participate in this jam, but I am definitely planning to look into mobile development soon, so I hope I will be able to participate in some of the future mobile only jams.

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@Cobrex - Thanks for the feedback!

@FGL_Aaron - Thanks for results. I think video feedback with voice and feels will be better. Especially for developer.

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Thanks for the feedback,I did not added many thing and kept it simple because of jam theme.

I'll implement your suggestions when I go for more polishing the game.

Also your game is awesome and deserves win! 


As others said its better to have voice and feels in game videos.

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Thanks for the feedback @Cobrex, in fact my game Kape has two-player mode and a special board rotating feature that works very well on mobile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2UWdxuLNqI - this was not recorded in the presentation video.. but even if it was recorded I'm not sure if it can be perceived well by the rater without trying the game himself.

So my feedback about the Jam is that in my opinion it will be way better for raters to have some kind of access and actually play the entries.. otherwise it's hard to take into consideration the most important factor of any game: the Fun.

Anyways I had a lot of fun developing the game and playing it with friends :)

My personal favorite entries were as follows:
Skill Box - definitely the most original concept - clearly deserved the first place.
I Love My Circle
- this one was not so "simple", but it looked like a very interesting and fun game.
Mr.Bootleg - very challenging mobile platformer, as I see it in the video :)

Vanish It! - @Cobrex - try to add a game-mode option where the shape will be initially rotated as well as shifted ;)

Looking forward for the next Jam.

Good Luck with completing and monetizing your games :)

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