Windows X Flash Player bugs?

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I've just received reports that one of my games (Cruisin II, a exclusive) doesn't start on Windows X (IE11, FF and MSEdge... working fine in Chrome).  Apparently it just stops after the preloader fades to black which implies that either the hand-over to 'main' or the initialisation of the audio system is failing.

The game works perfectly on all other versions of windows.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem or read about this anywhere else?

This is standard initialisation code, nothing weird or clever, and identical to at least 35 of my other games... so I'm a bit worried that I'll end up buried in change requests!



posted 2015-08-22T22:34:29-07:00

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That's quite unfortunate, and hopefully something that gets patched on the Windows side ASAP. My game Tower of Greed stopped working on every browser / site on the internet a few years ago, after working for years. It was originally compiled with Flash, and when I redid it with FlashDevelop, it worked again.

Be sure to let us know if you find out anything else, as I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear of minor issues popping up.

posted 2015-08-24T21:40:58-07:00

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Probably unrelated, but I had a very similar issue with a game freezing just after the preloader using code that I'd found on an as3 forum somewhere and had been working perfectly for all previous builds and dozens of other games.  Funnily enough, it was also a y8 game, so I spent most of my time trying to debug th integration of their api.  It turned out, though, that it was the preloader code that I'd been using for years. It was doing something stupid like percentageComplete = Math.round(100 * bytesLoaded / bytesTotal) and then testing to see when percentageComplete == 100.  In nearly every case it worked, but on rare occasions, it would load 99.9% of the bytes, the function would round that up to 100%, and remove the preloaded before it had properly finished.  Anyway, I learned my lesson and wrote my own code after that.

posted 2015-08-25T08:54:26-07:00

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There hasn't been any follow up on this at all.  Either it started working again or the market is still too small for them to care.

Thanks for the replies, unfortunately I've been over that preloader in excruciating detail and there isn't even a sneaky low probability bug in the code!

(I've seen that exact rounding error bug in someone else's code very recently Andromedus, did you get the preloader code online somewhere?)

posted 2015-12-08T13:46:39-08:00