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Hello there guys, I want to know what sponsors expect of a game made with Unity, what I mean:

  1. Do they expect to see the game with Ads/Analytics/AppRater already integrated? If yes, do they prefer any Ad network like Admob, Chartboost or AppLovin, what about Analytics, GA or Flurry.. ?
  2. When I game is made in Unity, do you sell for each platform or the complete package?
  3. I know some people buy music and sound effects from different stores, how many sales maximum must one sound or music file have to be not marked as "to much games are using it""
  4. Do sponsors bother about Unity splash screen? Even if you agree to play pro license with the money you earn from that game and upgrade it?

Maybe someone can talk about their experience uploading games made with Unity?

Thanks a lot, from a beginner.

posted 2015-08-13T14:28:35-07:00

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1. Don't bother putting in any ads or analytics, that can come later if you sell the game.

2. No idea.

3. I've reused music / sounds a lot, never had any complaints. A large number of players just play muted anyway.

4. Sponsors shouldn't really care about the unity splash screen, but no doubt some will. 

" Even if you agree to play pro license with the money you earn from that game and upgrade it?" - you'd be lucky to make that much from a game!!

posted 2015-08-19T14:34:39-07:00

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While we're on the topic, are there a lot of sponsors out there looking to publish mobile games made in Unity? And if I post one on FGL, in what format should I post it? Obviously I'll upload the APK, but for web, is it better to use the Unity Web Player or HTML5? The former doesn't work on Chrome natively anymore but the latter looks and plays downright awful.

posted 2015-11-12T13:42:33-08:00

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Are there any similarities between flash and unity. A sponsor that agrees with a flash style designed game may also agree with a unity style designed game. Also, does unity allow code the way flash is or the interface with controls for it take a different approach? Just guessing a sponsor that is accepts a game type done with flash, might accept a game of the same type done in unity albeit with the different approach of unity.

posted 2015-11-16T12:31:31-08:00