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fgl Game Jam #30 entries thread

Not sure what this is? Check out the fgl Game Jam #30 thread for Contest Rules and Theme

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Tell Us About Your Game:

Title: Contain Him! <--- game link

Instructions: WASD/Arrows

3rd Party Libraries: Box2D / Personal Library / Engine

Tech used: AS3 (AS2 / AS3 / HTML5 / Unity / APK / iOS)

Team Members: (All posted accounts will win a badge, but all other prizes will be delivered to the account that enters)


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Title: Round-A-Bout

Instructions: Mouse Only

3rd Party Libraries: None

Tech used: Unity 3D & FL Studio(For Music)

Team Members: Just me

posted 2015-08-02T01:37:34-07:00 | edited 2015-08-03T21:48:45-07:00
Lonely Pear

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Title: Drive

Instructions: Arrows

or Touch left side of screen to turn left/ Right side of screen to turn right

3rd Party Libraries:  None

Tech used: Construct 2

Team Members: Myself

posted 2015-08-03T13:07:50-07:00

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Title: Endless Souls

Instructions: Mouse/ Space

3rd Party Libraries: None

Programming language used: HTML5

Team Members: only me

posted 2015-08-03T14:08:22-07:00

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Title: Quantic Pulse

Instructions: Mouse to mouve / Space to launch Quantic Pulse

3rd Party Libraries: Grid : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/14210

Tech used: Unity

Team Members: just me

posted 2015-08-03T16:02:51-07:00

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Title: Endless Hellhole

Instructions: A, D/Arrows, J, K, L for using abilities

3rd Party Libraries: Flixel

Tech used: AS3 

Team Members: The two of us at Dreamscape

posted 2015-08-03T19:21:50-07:00

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Title: Small World Traveller

Instructions: W,S // Arrow keys up,down //  Tap screen top/bottom half

3rd Party Libraries: Personal Library

Tech used: Haxe / OpenFL

Team Members: just little me

posted 2015-08-03T19:57:28-07:00

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Title: Endless Goblin's Road

Instructions: Mouse

Tech used: AS3

posted 2015-08-03T20:27:15-07:00 | edited 2015-08-03T20:55:14-07:00

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Title: Infinite Shmup


avoid the red balls, collect the green balls to regain fuel  

controls:   Left / Right Arrow (or Q/D) Mouse click to start

Tech used: Unity

Sourcecode: http://pastebin.com/1p5YffVs

Libraries: none

Team members: Solo

posted 2015-08-03T21:21:01-07:00 | edited 2015-08-03T22:02:41-07:00

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Title: Incarnate

Instructions: Mouse / Arrow Keys / Spacebar

3rd Party Libraries: None

Programming language used: HTML5, Construct 2

Team Members: Solo

posted 2015-08-03T21:30:34-07:00

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Title: Endless Pioneers

Instructions: Mouse / Space

3rd Party Libraries: None

Tech used: AS3

Team Members: IlMatteo(Only Me)

(I made a last minute edit that uploaded a little slow so its newest version is a few seconds past 3)

posted 2015-08-03T21:58:07-07:00 | edited 2015-08-03T22:10:01-07:00

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Title: Endless Empires:

Instructions: Mouse to edge of screen or WASD moves in game camera, click and drag to select units, Farms make food, Food is needed for troops, troops can take castles. When you take a castle they join your empire. Likewise if some takes your castle you carry on playing and join their empire rather than die.

Was uploaded a minute or so after 3 (eek), I'm sorry.

3rd Party Libraries: Flixel

Tech used: Flash

Team Members: just me

posted 2015-08-03T22:09:50-07:00

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Played them all. Great contest, nice games!

Cool endless game! It seems to me that you invented a new gameplay! I like that non-critical mistake can be fixed as I play further - it's brilliant game design move.

Liked the visuals style. and the way how you increase the difficulty after the middle of lap 1 is great! You should just adjust the difficulty curve to let the beginner player drive at least 2 laps without dying.

Endless Souls
Given the time you had good job! The collision conditions seem to be too severe. Good luck polishing it! You can omit "endless" and give the player certain values to win.

Quantic Pulse
Liked the space distortion effects and gameplay solution which prevents the player from mere staying in one place.

Endless Hellhole
The game is really addictive! I kept trying till I manage to kill the giant jelly-fish with an explosion :) The good selection of powerups and smooth difficulty curve add to the game's quality

Small World Traveller
Nice idea! Add more creative inhabitants and you'll get something cool like Round World (http://www.playgfg.com/2013/08/play-round-world.html). And keep all the game elements in one style.

Endless Goblin's Road
The style is nice! I remember when I added a level into my game where the player was expected to move the mouse pointer along a road, the players just right-clicked on the screen and move the mouse to the exit point :) To be hones, without using this trick I was unable to even complete level 1. BTW, for you, as a mobile developer, our Enhance service could be useful http://enhance.fgl.com/

Infinite Shmup
The game is really endless, but the problem is that boringness arises quickly. The camera is located in not an optimal way.

Liked the style! The gameplay is rather "evolution", but evolution is endless, too :)

Endless Pioneers
"Unlimited" seems to be inorganic here. But as a simulator of an expedition it's a worth-to-develop concept. Just think how to optimize the controls and avoid overloading the player with routine operations.

Endless Empires
If I had participated in this contest I'd made a strategy, too :) I encountered low framerate (on AMD E2 laptop in high-performance mode) and bugs when the soldier didn't always perform my orders. But, nevertheless, I managed to conquer the enemy's capital. Working minimap would benefit the game significantly.

posted 2015-08-04T22:12:55-07:00

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I've played all the entries and here's a few words about them:


The turning seemed a bit too sensitive -- and I didn't like the screen spinning effect introduced after the first lap. Visuals were nice though.

Endless Souls

There seemed to be certain instances where a red soul as well as a cloud would appear next to each other in such a way that it was impossible to go by them without dying. And overall the collision detection seemed too sensitive.

Quantic Pulse

Sound effects and visuals were decent but I think the game was a little too hard due to how much the squares and such were attracted to the player.

Endless Hellhole

Aside from what I said in your feedback thread earlier, after playing this again I felt like the ability cool-downs are a bit too long.

Small World Traveller

The gameplay was too slow in my opinion. There should be more variation in the types of obstacles too.

Endless Goblin's Road

I liked the art and music but the game was way too hard.

Infinite Shmup

I didn't like how the camera was positioned... Also there was one time when a red ball was right behind a green ball -- collecting the green ball made me die right away from the red ball.


I like the art style, unfortunately the game bugged out on me my second time playing and spawned an enemy but no player character.

Endless Pioneers

I wasn't able to really figure out this game, the interface was too confusing for me.

Endless Empires

Looks like a great start for a strategy game -- looking forward to seeing how this develops.

posted 2015-08-05T01:21:54-07:00