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Hi guys.

I am an amateur Flash developer and I am still kind of lost in the websites functionality.

Few days ago I published my first game  - > ;

Since than I started stumbling on different possibilities I missed, like the free video pre-review.

The last thing I read about was the Thumbnail hotness, but I am kind of confused how it works. My thumbnail has 55% from 18 votes, but it's stucked on 18 votes since I saw it for first time. 
Is this simply because no one is voting or because the system stops counting votes after your game is approved for sponsors?

Thank you guys I am very enthusiastic about joining your community Laughing

posted 2015-07-24T09:29:57-07:00
Iskander Aminov

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It's not very appealing, put more effort into it (also looks a bit low res).  Icons are like the cover of your book, people are going to judge your game just by looking at it and deciding if it's worth their time.

posted 2015-07-24T16:40:59-07:00

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Thanks, you are right. I underestimated it's importance before publishing the game. From now on I won't do that mistake again.

posted 2015-07-25T10:35:39-07:00

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Not bad! Just work on the icon, as Iskander Aminov said.

Good luck!

posted 2015-07-28T04:07:48-07:00

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good luck

posted 2015-08-06T05:03:06-07:00