Sale and free sounds from Undertone

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Week long Bastille Day (?) sale at Undertone along with a free sampler pack:

Tom Hambleton is a serious sound designer and started this site due to the size of his library. The stuff is pretty specific, but it's recorded flawlessly.

Worth it to check out the free pack.

Undertone Music Inc. is a full service original music and audio post facility in the historic North Warehouse District of Minneapolis, MN USA. For 20 years we’ve worked on Feature Films, Shorts, Animated Shorts, Spots, Broadcast TV, Museum Audio Tours and Corporate Productions… We’ve done everything from Location Audio to Post Mixing to Original music.  In short, we do anything audio. Through the years we’ve recorded many custom sounds and foley for many of our films, TV shows and commercials.  Wanting to share that wealth is the genesis of this site.

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Sounds great! Keep up the good work! :)

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