Flash game engines that support spritesheet (atlas)

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I am searching for an engine for my Flash game that does not use Stage3D to avoid using the wmmode= 'direct' parameter. That engines that I have found use spritesheets (atlases) only with fixed frame size what does not fit me. Is there any engine or plugin that can use spritesheets (atlases) with different frame sizes (like the Starling engine)?

For example a spritesheet (atlas) created in a Texture Packer.  http://prntscr.com/7qqzy9

Is there any engine that supports this feature? I would really appriciate any help. Thank you! 

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I often use CreateJS Zoe for spritesheet creation (from Flash / SWF assets).  It's intended for use in HTML5 / Canvas, so the primary playback classes are JS.

However the data format and tooling is pretty versatile, and can be used for other platforms too ... if you write the playback class.

This (older article) shows such a class for a conventional DisplayList (Bitmap) in AS3:


Whereas newer articles will tend to focus on Stage3D / Starling approaches which is a different ballgame.  IN that space I'd say things like Spriter (using elements and bones) are way smarter than plain spritesheets.

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