Can a Corona SDK game be used here?

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Hello. I was having some serious difficulties using Flash software to develop a game for mobile devices, so I turned to Corona SDK, which has worked superbly. As I approach completion of a new game in that format, I'm realizing that I really miss the opportunities and community here at FGL. Is it possible to upload a game that Corona has built directly to a .apk file? Or can it possibly be converted to a .swf file?

Note: I was an active user 3-4 years ago, completing the whole process for two browser-based games published with Adobe Flash.

Thanks for your help!


posted 2015-07-06T18:14:35-07:00 | edited 2015-07-06T18:15:13-07:00

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As long as the game is outputting to a .apk, you can upload it here without any issues. I believe I just approved a Corona SDK game today (they titled it that at the end of the game name), and everything was fine.

posted 2015-07-22T04:46:01-07:00