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Simple question from a first-timer here.

For a Unity5 WebGL game, what is the standard expectation of hosting from Sponsors? Do they (generally speaking) expect the developer hosts it, or host it themselves? 

I'm currently hosting for FGL, but based on the size of WebGL games, hosting while live will be pretty impractical. Should I be looking for alternatives now?

posted 2015-07-03T19:29:34-07:00

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Publishers typically host conventional HTML5 games centrally (MMOs may require something special).  However they will have the same dilemma as you - if the filesize is so large as to cost more to serve than the revenue it will generate, they will likely pass.  Consider also that many HTML5 sponsors focus on ubiquity / mobile web, where 5MB is considered a target file size.

You may find a better fit on native app markets?

posted 2015-07-03T23:48:51-07:00