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I write here cause getting an answer from you (FGL guys) through a private message is taking months at least for me.

They have wrote me from Firefox Marketplace to promote one of my html5 games if i upload it to their site. Can i upload the FGL game shop version so i have FGL ads active? it will work there?


posted 2015-07-01T23:00:06-07:00

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Hey there.  Sorry if we haven't gotten back to you.  I'll look into why that is.

Our ads, unfortunately, will not work in the Firefox Marketplace.  We were in talks with Mozilla for a while but the market just wasn't big enough to build out our ads there.  I think they have a really great system, though, so don't let that deter you.  Hopefully in the future we can still end up working with them, but for now you'd need to find another solution.

posted 2015-07-05T21:07:53-07:00
Fire Totem Arena

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Thanks, i'm not in a hurry and it won't save my life, but if it worked it could be an option for me. Anyways, i'd personally prefer that things start working for FGL with your html5 marketplace, the system you created is very niteresting and useful.

Btw, i wrote you some time ago to ask you to change the price of my games in your shop, if you can have a look when you have time it would be nice, i changed them in the dashboard long time ago and waiting for the change in the market.

posted 2015-07-07T16:35:36-07:00