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I have submitted 4 games to the HTML5 shop and distribution system before 31st december 2014.

None of them is on Amazon yet:

according to the tags, 2 games (#4668 and #4669) have been sent to Amazon on January 22nd, one (#6155) has been sent on February 12th, another one, (#5187) is tagged both 'Amazon January 2015 - Week 4' and 'Amazon May 2015 - Week 2' but there is no 'Sent to Amazon' tag.

I know that this system has been discontinued, but FGL staff said they

will continue to push the games we’ve previously onboarded

To be honest I am tired of waiting and since it looks like my games will never appear on Amazon store through FGL distribution, I would like to submit those games by myself.

Am I allowed to do this or I am forced to wait for a system that is clearly totaly abandoned?



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Hey Francesco,

I'm afraid Amazon has reallocated the team we were working with to other projects and have been rejecting the games that we submitted through the bulk distribution process that we had set up. Unfortunately, without that bulk distribution tool it is not feasible for us to do the distribution for each game that remains. I was planning on notifying everybody who has been affected by this via their game's thread, but have been trying to determine how far back I need to go before mass messaging everyone.

In short, if your game was submitted and does not currently appear on Amazon, it is fairly safe to assume that you will need to submit the game on your own for it to go live. We're really sorry about the inconvenience, but at least you've hopefully received any advance you were eligible to receive and you also now have a thoroughly tested game that should pass Amazon QA. Smile

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FM Studio

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Thank you very much for your reply, Aaron.

This is exactly what I wanted to know, I needed to be sure that submitting the games to Amazon on my own would not infringe the deal I made with FGL when the HTML5 program started.

I will take advantage of the feedback I received from FGL team and send my games. Tongue Out

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Just to clarify, Amazon hasn't rejected any of our games.  They just stopped supporting the method we were using to bulk distribute.  This was a tool they built for us and it needed a manual step that they no longer have the resources to support.

So, Aaron is correct, but I think "reject" was not the appropriate word, and too negative sounding for the reality of the situation.

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My game appears as completed but doesnt seen to have any movement... should i do something?

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