[new fgl event] First ever fgl Audio Jam kicks off June 12th!

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Hey all,

I'm afraid this is going to be one of those rare and elusive cross-posts, promoting another thread on the forums!

I just wanted to be sure that you all noticed that we're kicking off a brand new event that is similar to our monthly Game Jam, yet specifically designed for you fine audio folk to have a bit of fun. Granted, I anticipate a number of the entries will be from game devs who'd like to try their hand at audio.

Are you gonna let them show you up?

fgl Audio Jam Starts: June 12th, 12pm PST  and Ends: June 14th, 12pm PST

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Looking forward to this!

posted 2015-05-29T23:28:19-07:00
The Tao of Chris

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I'm in.  

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