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I don't know if GamerSafe is at the end, middle or new point of it's life cycle, but as I'm just now playing with it, I'll be adding my suggestions to it in this thread. I know there's a proper suggestions forum, but chances are these won't be added, so what's the harm. ;)

ClearAchievements(); // need a way to clear all achievements from current player's account.

ShowAchievementPopUp(true or false); // turn off pop up if desired.

AchievementPopUpScale(1-100);  // quick way to increase/decrease overall size of popup. I realize there is a formatting function, but this would be much easier for just increasing/decreasing screen real estate used.

ShowAchievementPopUpIcon(true or false); // when set to false, only text gets displayed in the box resulting in a smaller area used.

That's it for now, may add more later. :)

posted 2015-05-27T23:02:50-07:00

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Thanks for the feedback!  We are still updating GamerSafe, albeit slowly at this point, so suggestions are always welcome!

posted 2015-06-29T18:39:30-07:00