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Just messing around the achievements api. Thank you for answering them.

1) How do I get my achievement id's? Do they just start at 1? I read you can get them on GS, but I don't see anywhere to do this. Using "1" seems to be working for now. I'm guessing 2 will work for the 2nd one. ;)

2) How do I RESET/CLEAR all achievements in game so I can re-test my implementation?

3) The "bestow achievement" is supposed to show a pop up message right? This is not happening. Do I need to configure any code to have it displayed? The achievement is being recorded and is displayed when viewing achievements. The box that shows them doesn't use the installed png image for the achievement btw.

That's all for now, thx.

posted 2015-05-27T08:32:28-07:00

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Hey Munsie, awesome! :)

1) After setting up your Leaderboards/Achievements/MTX, you can download the GamerSafe AS3 Constants file from your game's page that allows you to access the id's in a static way.

2) The easiest way might be to try logging into a different Test account to start fresh, I'm actually not sure that there's an easy way to clear/reset individual achievements.

3) Yeah, there's an option that allows you to position that popup as well, so you might start by setting it's location to the center of your stage. From there you should be able to determine whether or not it's being added to the stage.

posted 2015-05-27T19:51:05-07:00

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Yah..being able to just (ClearAchievements) would be good. But otherwise, everything seems to be working as expected. I'm just using GS for general scores and achievements, but so far...the process has been intuitive & stable. Thanks for the reply! :)

posted 2015-05-27T20:35:47-07:00