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Kickstarter Project:

TFPS Online is an immersive free-for-all tactical FPS. Your actions depict the end result. With tactical equipment and weapons, you can create your plan to win it all. With a variety of equipment. Smoke Grenades, Flashbangs, Regular Grenades, The "Seflie - Stick", Claymores, and Laser C4. All this equipment will help you plan your strategy to kill every other hit man in the building. With one map(In Development), and a load of enemies. Also included is a Vent System in which the player can use to travel, hide, or plan out traps. Gamemodes are Last Team Standing, and FFA.

With time and Concentration we can get all of this done. I hope you guys look into this as we are deleting the demos to non playable and are only going to show images.

We need $500 USD. The reason is we need to get better equipment so the game can look more defined and atmospheric. We also are planning to port over to CryEngine, and we need money to buy a commercial license. This money will also help for assets we can buy and use scripts to put into our game! If you support you will get premium inside the game and on the forums! You will also get a tag that glows green and looks like [GoGoSup+].

The Impact will just be a nice community driven Tactical FPS game! There are no risks or challenges we are planning to proceed upon currently! But we will update if there is one!

Kickstarter Project:

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