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So friend of mine want to start learning unity. And he never even seen anything about making games or even programming.

What is your recommendation where should he start?

When I started with unity I started first learning c# I think from some Lynda videos. But I already knew as3 so this was only for me to figure out differences. I run through it and then got to unity tutorials on their website.

Am not sure if this would be simple enough for somebody who never coded at all. Is there some good book about c# that you would recommend for absolute beginner? Like this one is for as3: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596526948.do

Or do you have some other suggestion? 


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I don't have any exact material in mind, but I would highly recommend he do some hands on OOP. Anything that can help him understand the concepts of classes, strict data types, etc, will help a ton. I highly suggest it be related to games however, as data examples never resonated with me, I had to do something game related.

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If your friend has never programmed before, telling them to start with Unity is a recipe for disaster.  Unity uses some pretty advanced concepts right out of the gate with their MonoBehaviour class that the majority of your code derives from.

Tell them to start working on Guess The Number and Tic Tac Toe in a command line environment first.

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Yea I feel the same way about unity. I think I would be confused as hell if I didn't know as3 already. Maybe it would be fine for him to start with flash as well and then move to unity if he feel like latter on.

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I don't think that starting out with Unity it's a problem, but you will need to practice a lot, and watch tons of tutorials out there to start shaping your idea. And of course, mandatory, learn C# and OOP.

If you don't wanna code, try Stencyl, Construct 2 or GameMaker alternatives.

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Maybe he could look and tinker with example projects shipped with unity modify some 2d platformer to include some games to collect or a monster that will go back and forward?

Or add health bars to 3d shooter project just look for all unity tutorials they explain a lot.

Some useful links about unity:








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Maybe he can start with free Construct 2 (doing tutorials). Even my sister learnt to make simple games. The best advice is start small... like a baby. First on 4 legs, then small steps but walking... don't try to run a marathon from day 1. 

Do a lot of tutorials, then try by himself a few small simple games (1 day to 7 days max).

Starting with Construct 2 (free, easy, for non-programmers): 

More advanced (Flash AS3 tutorials). These are very well explained and help a lot for beginners in Flash and AS3. This book is about $20 but it is really worth it. It is all you need to start programming, from zero to hero. It will take your hand and guide you from the first steps, explaining very detailed all the code line per line while he shows the full process of how to create 10 complete game examples from scratch, typing with you every single line.

(By the way, his blog has tons of free examples of code and good ideas) 

Then, with a small background (at least 3-4 weeks) in programming he can try Unity.
Good tutorials: https://unity3d.com/es/learn/tutorials

Good luck!

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