Unity for 2 beginners? Using FGL while not in the US?

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Hello (sorry for the long post ><) so one of my friend and I have always wanted to create a game and I started learning on unity because that's the platform on which we actually played some of our games and it looked great to begin with.

I like it a lot so far and have a great time even if it's really hard learning my first programming language.

I was just wondering a few things : First off, we know we're not going to make a lot of money out of this (we're just doing this because we really want to create a game by ourselves =) ) but do you guys think we could achieve something like between 500-1000 for some games (polished and medium games, we don't think we'll be able to produce ultra high quality) after our 2-3 first "training" games? :) 

Also do you guys know of any material we could use or do you have tips (tips from experienced dev. are often way more valuable than raw learning material in terms of "real game making" knowledge i think) to get better at C# under unity OR for game development in general (mistakes not to make that a beginner often makes etc...)

(we're ok on the creative side and on ideas for the game but we often end up wondering "will we know how / be able to code this and implement it properly?")

And finally, we're not living in the US, can we still use fgl from another country or is it restricted?

tl;dr : - How much can you expect to make with a medium quality game on unity with fgl with the current market?

- Do you have any personnal tips or quality material to learn C# under unity or to avoid beginners mistakes or bad habits that we could take? 

- We don't live in the US, can we still use fgl?

Sorry for my english it's not my native language as you might have noticed :3

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I can answer the last question - you can happily use FGL from other countries :) We have a diverse range of developers from many countries here and we're proud to say that everyone is welcome. One thing to be aware of is that sometimes there are tax implications with working in another country. If you need information about that you could send a PM to FGL_Amber with information such as the country you are resident in; she is our tax expert. Hopefully someone more involved in the sales/marketplace/community side of things can help with your other questions (I'm on the engineering team).

Your english is excellent, so no need to apologise!

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