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Hey Friends,
First of all i am new to gaming and not an expert on making great looking game art.
I have just completed my first game called CANCI, it has got overall rating of 6.5 but in graphics category got poor rating of 5(needs improvement).I asked for some suggestion or advice by contacting FGL team and they came back with following reply.

Graphical feedback:

- The main characters (cannon and UFO) look fairly generic. A unique main character is key for helping a game stand out

- The interface graphics could be stylized a bit better to become part of a graphically cohesive whole

- The weather effects don't add much to the current game's feel. Consider adding more polish to the lightning or eliminating it from gameplay.

i can understand the last one clearly.

graphical feed back is fantastic, but the given suggestions are so technical still i am very confused and feeling like standing in middle of sea on a piece of wood.
Can any one explain above graphical feedback with simplicity and examples.
any advice or suggestion will be hugely appreciated from the bottom of my heart.
My game link is


best regards.

posted 2015-04-18T05:23:04-07:00
Iskander Aminov

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Your best bet is to team up with an artist to polish up the graphics.  It's hard to get your first game out there so it's going to take a lot of trial and error.  

posted 2015-04-18T06:08:16-07:00