Musikmesse 2015

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I haven't seen a lot of super cool gear this year, but there is still some interesting things.

dbx PowerRack8:
OK, an 8 slot 500 series power rack is pretty 'meh'. The interesting thing is it has onboard routing with the ability to recall.

Rololand Aira:
Analog synth freaks rejoice!

Orange Rockerverb MKIII:
The marketing materials suggest it's the same thing but with cleaner cleans and more metally distortions. Make up your own mind whether that's good or bad

Modal Electronics 002R:
The en vogue keyboard comes to rack mount.

Marshall Astoria:
Point to point wiring, yay! KT66 power tubes, hmmm, maybe. Combo loaded with 'creamback' speakers, umm... This one could go either way.

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The Tao of Chris

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Im actually pretty upset with Orange.

I have the Rockerverb 50 (original)

When they released the MKII they allowed the tubes to be swappable.  EL34 / 6L6 /6v6 / KT88 / 6550.

Now I want that feature!

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