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So, I've been developing this match-making/quiz game for a client. It's built in Flash Pro CC and we're going to launch it on both GooglePlay and in the AppStore, so I figure I need a certificate for release. But now that I'm looking at prices, it seems a 2-year business certificate on Symantec is $873, and it's $549 on Thawte. This seems like a pretty big hidden cost for just signing the app, especially since the fee is recurring, so its raising a few questions:

1) What kinds of certificates are you all using for signing your Android and iOS apps? Are there any free/cheap alternatives that still provide a secure certificate, which doesn't trigger a warning about self-signed certificates when the app is installed?

2) So far I've only looked into the Android release requirements - are there any other requirements for certificates for iOS, or can I just use the same certificate for both my .apk and my .ipa?

Thanks in advance for any insights that you can share :-)

AIR certificates on Thawte: https://www.thawte.com/code-signing/content-signing-certificates/adobe-air/index.html

AIR certificates on Symantec:

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you just creating cert for android in Flash and Apple is sending you his own cert after setup. Both are free as far as you have developer account (iOS)

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Thanks for your reply, bluebox. I submitted to GooglePlay using just a self-signed certificate, and it seems to work fine. I guess those warnings only appear for self-signed AIR apps for desktop and not on mobile.

About iOS, I have an iOS developer account and found this useful guide in case others need it: http://bjeld.com/resource/certificates-provisioning-profiles-app-id-and-device-registrations/

Thanks again :-)

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Yeah, just to reiterate - business/certificate authority signed certificates are NOT required or even checked on Android or iOS. There is NO requirement to pay all that money for one.

One thing that I do recommend is keeping the same certificate for signing all of your Android apps. You'll need your certificate to sign updates (updates to an app need to be signed with the same cert to verify that you are indeed the developer). So I highly recommend throwing your certificate keystore file on dropbox and making sure you don't ever forget the passwords!

Most people also will not care about whether your desktop AIR app/game is signed by a registered certificate authority so personally I wouldn't bother with that either. It will come up with a warning when the game is being installed, but as far as I am aware users who install AIR apps are very much used to this and will simply ignore it if they want to play your game.

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