Does Unity web game client size still matters?

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Previously all my unity web games sold on FGL are <10MB

Recently I saw some unity web deals with even >20MB client size

So, does unity web game client size still matters? On mobile maintain the file <30MB is relatively easy, on desktop <10MB sometimes will sacrifice too much texture and sound quality

what's your opinion?

posted 2015-04-14T06:59:33-07:00

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I think file size should be an after thought. You obviously want to think about performance, file size, and other various details, but your primary concern should be making the highest quality game you're capable of. Sponsors won't even look at your file size until they're interested, so without a great game, your file size is irrelevant. That being said, adopt best practices to reduce file size where doing so is easy enough, and ensure that your preloading is polished / in working order.

posted 2015-04-20T16:40:48-07:00