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How long until first impressions can be used on html5 games?  It has said on the first impressions order page "HTML5 games cannot currently use First Impressions. But we'll be adding this functionality soon!" for some time now.


posted 2015-04-09T23:35:08-07:00

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Hey Jason,

Unfortunately this plan changed when we shifted our focus away from html5. It just doesn't make much sense for us to continue building tools out for html5 until we can find a reliable way to monetize them.

Hope that makes sense!

posted 2015-04-13T14:13:38-07:00

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Do you offer FIs for mobile?

posted 2015-04-13T15:09:50-07:00

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b10b said:

Do you offer FIs for mobile?

Unfortunately we don't at this time. FI on mobile is tricky for a number of reasons.

  1. Players would have to install each game on a mobile device, which can be time consuming and run into various issues depending on the specific device (arguably a reason in favor).
  2. Video recording software would either need to be installed, used, and submitted by each tester, which would likely cause further issues... or not offered, which would result in more of the low quality/bogus text written FIs as it's easier to pretend to have played the game rather than go through the above steps.
  3. Due to the above reasons the cost of this service would likely need to be higher than the $1 (possibly even the $5) tier(s) as we currently offer.
  4. Due to reason 3, this service may be cost prohibitive for a lot of devs, which makes it so for us as well.

We have thought a lot about this and may end up building something out eventually if we think it makes sense. 

posted 2015-04-13T17:06:48-07:00