Using the fgl sdk in future html5 games

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With fgl not accepting any new html5 games to the html5 web store is there any point in implementing the fgl sdk into new html5 games?


posted 2015-04-04T23:20:26-07:00

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For now, not really.

We'll hopefully open up our services for submission of new HTML5 games again in the future, at which point we can dust off the SDK and continue where we left off - for now though, we are not accepting submissions so it's not really worth the time to implement the SDK (it doesn't have any useful applications outside of submission through FGL's HTML5 services).

posted 2015-04-05T02:29:48-07:00

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It's interesting that many of the HTML5 channel provider APIs share similar methods (for good reason).  So integrating one is still a better idea than integrating none as it will encourage a game's design to include appropriate hooks (that can be swapped out to other APIs once non-exclusive sales are made).

Whether that "one" remains FGL's is probably of questionable logic now, but I found it one of the cleaner & consistent APIs with the added benefit it had a very friendly test mock.

posted 2015-04-05T04:10:24-07:00 | edited 2015-04-05T04:10:41-07:00

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That's a good point, for sure!

posted 2015-04-05T22:50:40-07:00