HTML5 level editor PhaserLE is out!

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So PhaserLE, the best level editing software & SDK out there for developers, has been released. 

You can find out more about the software here:

It allows a huge number of powerful features, that I am more than happy to discuss, so post any questions you may have in this thread. 

If you are interested in having a go with the demo game that ships with PhaserLE, then you can play it at this url:

Note this is a dropbox link with no preloader, so loading times may vary. 

There is also a playlist of videos here showing off some of the features:

Keen to hear your thoughts!


posted 2015-03-31T14:52:30-07:00

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This is pretty cool! I like the idea of being able to set properties on objects - very slick. Do you think the $49.99 price tag will limit the number of developers who are interested in using it significantly, given that HTML5 developers tend to be big proponents of open source software?

Also you should probably make it more obvious that there is no association with the developers of Phaser itself - your site design is very similar to theirs and people may get the wrong idea.

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