Best ad networks for promotion?

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I read that Facebook should be the best choice, and I tried different optimization tactics but I always seem to pay around $1.5-$2 per install (US). Could you guys share your experiences?

posted 2015-03-18T10:20:05-07:00

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Never tried as advertiser in ad networks, only as publishers, there are some free cross promotion methods in some ad network, and pay for install only works if there is deep in-app purchase in game

As user on Facebook or Twitter usually I just skip those "game" messages, already get too much of them I think.

As far as I know, the best way to "freely" and efficiently promote the game should be let some famous youtuber to stream you game, but the game should be very unique, otherwise I will just stick to ASO, that's my opinion

posted 2015-03-19T10:16:01-07:00

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i think install costs are high-priced and if they dont play or uninstall game later it might be a negative effect. if you still want installs from people who are not interested with your game but something else i think it would be better to use review exchange groups and it wont cost any money.

i am agree with TubeMice about facebook and twitter but might give a little chance when i slef publish my game. Plus you can publish your game in game community groups for free.

Plus to youtube i have seen vine stars promote games that might be an option too but i think you might get very low rate feedback.

Lastly gamer websites which promote your game might be and option too.

posted 2015-06-01T11:24:11-07:00