What version of flash player should I export to?

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Linux players can only play Flash Player 11.2 so I was going to export in 11.2.

Is there any major benefits, perhaps to speed / performance if I exported to Flash Player 14?

Do you guys export to Flash Player 14? Should I say screw the Linux players?

posted 2015-03-16T00:57:26-07:00

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I do 11.2, never bothered updating or changing anyway.

posted 2015-03-16T06:51:38-07:00

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11.2 is solid - you have right click, in 11.3 you get fullscreen interactive .. You can check developer release notes: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/flash-player-releasenotes.html

There won't be any significant performance improvements imo, i always stick to the lowest possible version, depending on what's used in the game.

posted 2015-03-16T11:20:28-07:00

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Yeah, 11.2 was the last stable build I've heard about. We've run into several problems with devs targeting newer than that.

posted 2015-03-18T21:30:17-07:00

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Stage3D "standard" profile was added in FP 14; a major enhancement for 3D but it won't affect traditional/2D APIs.


posted 2015-03-22T03:35:08-07:00

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depends on what you are making....

posted 2015-03-26T12:48:28-07:00

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I am using in my current game that i am working on 11.7,i hope so that won't be problem in near future :S

posted 2015-03-27T22:32:27-07:00

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last useful thing I've noticed was 11.3 or 11.4 - it was comeback of releaseoutside event or one of the similar from as2. I think it's more important to keep AIR up to date.

posted 2015-03-27T23:53:05-07:00