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Occasionally we run across games that just don't fit in our browser windows.

When I'm on one of my machines, the resolution is 1920x1280.  So rarely do I have an issue.  I do however have an issue when I am on my other machine which has a max resolution of 1366x768.  When shopping around for laptops, I found this resolution (1366x768) is actually more common than I wanted to believe.

Now why should this be a problem?  HTML5 games are for a mobile device right?

Well not always.  A lot of publishers browsing for HTML5 games are doing so on their computers, not their mobile device.  

Where am I going with this?

Basically to sum it up, please be sure your game resolution on FGL is set to fit within the resolution of most computers. Even if it is approved by an admin with a computer that has the resolution of 1920x1280 or larger, that doesn't mean a publisher will have the resolution to view your game.

Better safe than sorry.

Thank you.

posted 2015-03-13T15:33:03-07:00

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Yeah you gota design for low res with the hope to be able to scale.  I do AIR games with a low res but the vector translates to higher res, this is normally a vector thing but in the case i want to release in flash i can still fit on portal sites with no needed modification.

posted 2015-03-22T22:55:32-07:00

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The number of windows laptops with 1366x768 resolution is disgusting, I can't believe 1920x1080 isn't the industry standard. Furthermore, it's amazing that you can't get a decent PC monitor above 1920x1080 without spending a tremendous amount of money. I'd expect to see 2560x1600, 24''+ for $200-300, but no such thing exists.

posted 2015-03-23T02:32:33-07:00

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I thought I was in the minority with a 1366x768 screen, until I went out shopping.  Holy cow.  15-17" laptops with the same resolution as an 11"?  I couldn't believe it.

posted 2015-03-23T14:09:10-07:00

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For most people i know, resolution is a new year's eve thing like starting a diet or whatever ;) When they look for a laptop they look at price first, then webcam, color and size of the harddrive sometimes or blu-ray. Most of the cheap laptops are 1366x768.

posted 2015-03-23T17:45:34-07:00

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Correct. Most consumer laptops are this resolution.  And yes, down to the cheap ones.  

The issue is that those are the kind of laptops being sold to the general public... Better yet.  Those are EXACTLY what the people are buying.  Black friday $4.95 laptops.  I was recently even looking at those HPstream pc's which are essentially a netbook.

The average person does not need a "well built machine" they just need to facebook and play your game.

posted 2015-03-23T19:59:56-07:00

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I have found that 320x480, 480x320, 640x960, and 960x640 to be the go to resolutions if you want your game to work on mobile and desktop. They both scale up nicely and the higher resolutions look great on newer phones and still scale down nicely on older mobile devices.

posted 2015-05-14T19:40:36-07:00

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Hey hey, I love my Acer Aspire for $600 - i7, 8gb, 128ssd, nvidia, yes it is 1366x768, but real developers use external monitors anyway :P

For HTML5 games I use (640<->720 to 854)x480, but I want to 1.5x that soon.

posted 2015-05-15T11:21:26-07:00 | edited 2015-05-15T11:22:50-07:00

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800x470 seems to work well for flash, and upscales to 1024x600 for mobile.

posted 2015-05-16T09:41:52-07:00