Using retro references and Nintendo characters in a flash game?

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I have seen plenty of games on flash game portals that infringe copyright. There are many Mario and Sonic flash games which I suppose get sponsorship aside from displaying ads.

I am targeting a big sponsorship with my upcoming flash game, and I was wondering if portals like Newgrounds or Armor Games ever sponsor a game that blatantly infringes copyright. 

Mine isn't a Sonic or Mario game...but what if characters and sprites from those appear in the game? Would that be a problem in terms of getting sponsorship?

Basically some levels in the game will have references to retro game icons...perhaps a Goomba will appear, or Toad. A level of referencism similar to Abobo's Big Adventure. I think that game's been sponsored by one of those big portals. 

Since those unofficial flash Mario and Sonic games exist I doubt I would have legal problems with Sega or Nintendo. I am more concerned with the sponsors. 

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you can make a parody and draw in your own style of these characters. We have Vanguards game a few years ago which is a physics game parody of Avengers movie at that time. "There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable physics game gameplay, so that when we needed them, they could beat the levels that we never could."

It got many interest and sold for 5 digits. also made 12 million plays.

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