Looks like Unity games are making more bids on FGL

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I constantly go check the recent made bid page on FGL and looks like Unity games are making more bids on FGL, that's great for unity game makers, I wonder if those Unity games sold on FGL also sell with mobile version besides web version

posted 2015-02-26T01:45:28-08:00

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That's good to hear! It's great to see Unity gaining more traction.

I can tell you from my own experiences(from early 2014, mind you -- so take this with a grain of salt) that having a mobile ready version for a unity game certainly helps bring in sponsor's interest. By a lot.

posted 2015-02-26T04:52:50-08:00 | edited 2015-12-05T01:10:51-08:00

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where is the recent made bid page? i can't seem to find it.

you think the increase in bids on unity games is related to the release of unity 5? i'm guessing webgl exporting is a pretty big deal for sponsors?

posted 2015-03-04T01:27:30-08:00

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Actually those all sales came from Unity 4, I guess developer sell both Mobile + Web player license, there are several Unity web publisher on FGL

I don't know how Unity5 WebGL perform now, what I worry might be the client size become too fat

posted 2015-03-04T01:40:46-08:00

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Good to hear that :)

i switched to unity 5 and ported WebGL version client size is much more than .unity3d file

posted 2015-05-28T21:14:30-07:00

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Are unity games higher paid as well? Trying to find the differences between unity and flash as well.

posted 2015-11-16T12:43:17-08:00

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Dont think there are any sales for unity games now after chrome droped webplayer support.

posted 2015-11-16T16:53:36-08:00

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Unity will drop their web player next year...

Back when this thread was created, unity didnt had html exporter so web build was an ok option.

posted 2015-12-05T00:08:34-08:00

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You're right r0d20, and unity's full advantage now is on mobile and PC client platform, especially on mobile, I just see soooo many unity games out there

posted 2015-12-05T03:14:59-08:00

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In the new 5.3 version of Unity the WebGL compiler is more stable so it's a good replacement for the web player! :)

In the next weeks we'll update all of our games in Html 5 with the WebGL compiler.

posted 2015-12-15T16:51:36-08:00