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We recently started a new website  , and we're looking for a developer to create an HTML 5/JavaScript game, in its entirety. We are looking for exclusive rights to the game.

I hope that I am not going against FGL's terms of service here, but there doesn't seem to be any other way for me to reach out to FGL devs to see if there's anyone interested in creating a fun, kid friendly HTML 5 base game based off of learning binary numbers.

Although I have a few rough ideas of some possibilities, I'm looking for someone to come up with the core gameplay and game concepts and some roughs for some graphics.

To give some context,  our new website ( will be based off of teaching kids to code, and the target audience will be middle and high school kids. We hope that this game will serve as link bait for our website.

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Hi, i'm interested on the work. You can see some of the games that i've made on my account

I couldn't sent you a pm on this site, so if you're interested on my skill, please contact me at

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PMs are disabled.  So I emailed, please PM me if that didn't reach you Vernon.

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Hello, I work on Construct 2 (that is just HTM 5 and javascript) but embeded, so will need to know if you want a closed game or something you can modify later.

call me to

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We are interested! Please message us at to discuss.

here is our website:

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If you still html5 game developer I am also ready. I have experience in creating games construct2, as well as many years of experience web developer. I have experience working with game engines Unity, Torque3D, Torque2D, Trinity Vision 3D.

Please write to me, skype: andrewcodeman

Best regards, Andrew

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