Finding the gear you really want?

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The Tao of Chris

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  As the music retail (brick and mortar) businesses diminish it has become less and less likely to find the gear you are looking for when taking a trip to the music store.  

  Guitar Center (which may be going out of business soon), and Sam Ash stores are the 2 biggest retailers in my area. BOTH over 20 miles away.  

  The little guys, well... they can get it, if you order it.  Jeez, well so can I online.

So my question to you...

How do you test drive the equipment you buy?  

How do you know it's what you are looking for?  

How can you be so sure if that $1500 compressor (or whatever) is what you want?

posted 2015-02-05T18:59:09-08:00

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I miss going to Thoroughbred Music, playing the new release guitars, the big amps, finding diamonds in the rough. That was an easy process of pick and choose and, oftentimes, your choice would be different than what you expected.

Now all we basically have is information and experience. Stats, reviews, youtube, message boards. Which sucks. It sucks even more for those with less experience because they have nothing to compare the data to.

Plug-ins are at least easy now. Almost every manufacturer has some kind of try-before-you-buy thing. 

posted 2015-02-05T20:30:09-08:00