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i made 2 poster for a facebook game, one is for facebook page and one for facebook group and now i must make main menu for the game and i dont know after wich of the poster to make it, so wich do you think is better ?

ALso here is the game OP if anyone cares to suport with a like or share www.facebook.com/Lastnightinneoncity

posted 2015-01-30T10:59:40-08:00

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2nd one with the text below

posted 2015-01-30T11:53:14-08:00

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2nd one, cuz it is more contrasting and clean Laughing

posted 2015-02-02T02:17:16-08:00

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2nd is really cool.

posted 2015-02-02T04:48:56-08:00

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I'd rather vote for the 2nd for main menu. It seems that this mysteriously looking city art in the background fits better to words 'night' and 'neon' and these characters are more outstanding. But for some purposes I think the 1st one might be better (e.g. such panoramic poster) because of its more fully composition (there are no these black empty areas on the sides).

posted 2015-02-02T09:40:21-08:00
Iskander Aminov

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The first one can look good if it was worked on more.  The sky isn't very good and that's probably why most people don't like it.  

posted 2015-02-02T19:27:30-08:00

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If you added depth to the first one and worked on the contrast between the background and foreground, it would get me vote.

posted 2015-02-03T15:42:24-08:00

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2nd is more chill to me and seems like a better cover.

posted 2015-07-30T02:07:12-07:00

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my vote goes to 2.

posted 2015-08-06T04:58:28-07:00

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2nd one is better, but both are very different and look like posters of different games. I hope the game has as much blue as the second poster!

posted 2015-09-15T00:23:24-07:00

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 Try the first one with direct complementary color of the purple( a yellow) and put the outstroke of the main characters of that color also, you'll have something standing out pretty well, but i believe you'll lose the neon theme wich require a sort of blue/green/purple.

 I agree with the majority concerning the better contrast of the second image, however, i would change take the same blue stroke color and apply it to all characters.

posted 2015-09-19T01:17:24-07:00

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2nd one looks good for me :)

posted 2015-12-16T13:24:25-08:00

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2nd one, but make the character stokes all same, or all different. At the moment it looks a bit off having one guy blue.

posted 2016-01-06T20:24:53-08:00

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I only see one.

posted 2016-02-18T00:35:06-08:00