State of GamerSafe and a couple of questions/remarks

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Hi all,

first thanks for this service, it's really handy to have leaderboard and all the other stuff for free, really.

But is gamersafe still on and do you plan to keep it running/updating it for a long time still ? because by looking at the games list, it doesn't look like there are many of them. And the twitter account hasn't shown any activity since 2011... So I was wondering if this service was still being used by lots of developers or not...

On the api, I was wondering how to submit a score to a scoreboard without having a submission form showing up ?

Also, I guess that if we have 20 levels and would like a separate scoreboard for each of them, we need to create 20 scoreboards... I'm just asking in case you would have something specific for that special case.

Thanks !

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First of, as you mentioned the service is free - which is worth to consider using, and it's very stable.

But in my opinion the GamerSafe components need a complete revamp to match the now days standards. The UI is not very configurable - there is an option to change styles, but not everywhere (size and position of Leaderboards for example). If you're developing a mobile game, or a keyboard only game - you're out of luck.. The UI relies heavily on roll-over interactions. Windows can be closed only by pressing the X button.. In your case with 20 levels - the Leaderboard is able to display only 5 different boards, if you have more - the buttons are overlapping.

Of course you can implement your own UI and use only the APIs, but I'm not sure how far you can go that way..

Last, but not least the guy behind GamerSafe FGL_Devault is very kind in answering any questions you may have.

Good Luck !

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Because we're not frequently adding new features, GamerSafe is fairly inexpensive to support. I think it will probably be supported for as long as FGL is around. We get new game submissions each week, but we don't publicize games unless requested by the developer. In addition to the 80 games listed on the site right now, another 250 are not listed. We passed the 2 million user mark last year.

As far as your scoreboard submissions, is saveToScoreboard() what you were looking for?

I realize the need for a new UI (especially the scoreboards). If any of you GS devs have any ideas on an alternate layout or display you'd like to see, I'll lobby for a bit of GamerSafe dev time to implement it. 

posted 2015-02-03T20:37:35-08:00

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hi there, thanks for your replies and sorry for my late reply, I needed to work deeper on the game and on the GS api.

Indeed, there is a need for a new UI (and if you need someone, I can help). But I would really prefer to be able to create my own UI for the scoreboard so I can put it the way I want into my game.

Here are a couple of suggestions to make the scoreboards api more "controllable" / flexible:

Right now, I'm not sure what I'm getting when calling "requestScoreboardEntries". Do I get *all* the scores (in the latestScoreboardEntries.all array) ? or just the latest ? because if there are thousands (or even millions) of scores, I imagine that would be a lot of data to download each time that function is called.

If I currently get all the scores, then I can do whatever I want with them, but that doesn't seem to be an optimal way of doing that.

In case I'm getting only a part of the data, then it would be nice to be able to specify an index and a number of items to receive (a bit like when retrieving data from a db).
And also a way to know the position of the user in the scoreboard (So I can only show the first X scores above and below the current user score)

And to make it more complete, create a "requestFriendsScoreboardEntries" function that would retrieve the same data as "showFriendsScoreboard" but without showing the default GS UI (and preferably with the same control / flexibility explained above)

That way, I think we have total control over the scoreboard allowing everyone to create a custom UI for it.

For the scoreboard submissions, saveToScoreboard() is working fine. I forgot that I was logged in and thus my custom "unregistered_name" wasn't being taken into account.

And about the log out feature: there is a msg saying that it requires to refresh the page where the game is loaded on to be really effective... why wouldn't that work just by clicking the log out button ? that seems a bit odd to me.

Thanks again for the GS api, it's very useful. And if those suggestions above can be implemented, that would be super cool.

And again, if you need any help, I'm willing to help.

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I'm just thinking of it now: is it only possible to access GS via ActionScript or is there another way to access it ? like a REST api or something similar that would make it more universal.

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and now that I'm thinking a bit more about the "retrieving the position of the user in a score list":

in the case of an unregistered user, it will be impossible to retrieve its position in a score list. So when saving a score, it would be nice to have a score id or something similar in order to be able to retrieve the scores above and below that score.

The more I think about it, the more I feel a REST api would be very nice to have actually :)

But those are just suggestions.

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Also, when requesting scoreboard entries, it's kind of weird that the data is set in latestScoreboardEntries.

It's kind of a pain for example to manage different scoreboards. For example, if the user switches quickly between different scoreboards, there can be a misunderstanding about which scoreboard data the  latestScoreboardEntries contains... 

It would have been much easier and more logical to get the data in the event that is dispatched when the data is received.

posted 2015-02-24T18:23:47-08:00

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and while i'm at it, I was thinking about a way to manage the leaderboard with gamersafe without having to load the scores every time I needed to show it (thus, keeping it in a cache).

But I'm facing the problem that if the user is not authenticated, I have no other data than its name to find its score on a leaderboard... that can be quite troublesome as the possibility of having different users with the same name is quite possible.

So I looked for other options on the web and found Flox by Gamua. And they have a quite simple and logical workaround for that. A user, even a guest (non authenticated), has a unique ID. Even if it's used once. In fact, there is *always* a user that is logged in. This way, one can always clearly identify a user throughout a session. And it makes the leaderboards data manageable with a cache.

So just another suggestion.

posted 2015-02-24T20:01:55-08:00