Whats your favorite color?

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The Tao of Chris

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So here's a question that prolly at first doesn't sound like it belongs in this forum.

Whats your favorite color?

What color do you use when recording to tint your tracks or clips?  Or do you at all?

I have no set colors yet.  Not sure actually.

What color for the drums, guitars, vox and so on?

What pattern do you use?  I don't know personally what I want to go with.

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Not sure if I'm catching your drift.

Do you mean like how some people equate frequency ranges or sounds to colors? My brain isn't wired that way, I tend to think of sounds as tastes.

If you mean 'coloration', like the difference in how different pre-amps will color the sound, I don't really have an overall 'I always use this gear on this instrument' thing. I try and let the track lead me down those roads.


Do you mean actually coloring the tracks and clips? Like using different colored sharpies for different instrument groups on console tape? If it's that, then yeah, I have a very set way I do things.

Drums: green
Bass: brown
Guitars: blue
Vocals: maroon
Piano, Strings, Horns, Woodwinds: various shades of amber
Synths: orange
Aux Returns: purple
Master: red
Mixdown track: seafoam green

I use different shades for different subgroups or even individual instruments.

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The Tao of Chris

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Coloring of tracks and clips.

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Drums: brown

Bass: dark green

Guitars: pink

main Vocals: yellow

Piano, Synths:  blue

Aux Returns: gray

oh and the curent sound I work on right now is on red

cool topic Laughing

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