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I searched on forum but I did not find anything with keyword "ios". Did anyone managed to run it on ios? It runs on android without any issue but I am having trouble on ios.

I've digged a little and found some info that now you can load external swfs with abc code on ios.

So I managed to load it but got uncompiled actionscript error.

So I stripped away code  like it showed in the example to the release

and loaded it from my site

last thing i get in trace

[SWF] /~nitro/GamerSafe01.swf - 44927 bytes after decompression

and an instant crash follows. I guess maybe some internal security ? I am just a designer so I don't really fill decompiling swf and looking for the error but I do like GamerSafe scoreboard.

Maybe developers can shed some light on the issue?

Extra questions. 

1. I did not find any events for ads, am I missing something? How do I manage then the ad is closed?(focus?)

I would also like to show it after few deaths not instantly.

2. I really like scoreboards because the user does not have to register however I really miss unique id for a player like facebook have. So if I have couple of people with the same names I can distinguish them. 

3. is it possible to store  sdk locally ? Loading 213 kb is not really great idea. And then unpacking comes significant lag appears.

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iOS has not been a priority for us, specifically for the runtime-loading features being unworkable.

We don't want you to build it in at compile-time, since the live version gets updated regularly, and we don't want to build a special version for iOS at this time.

Sorry :(

posted 2014-10-23T18:06:34-07:00