Good place for game SFX?

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I have looked around quite a bit for good sound effects, both on free sites and on sites where you pay like Soundsnap. I sometimes find good stuff. But it seems hard sometimes to find sounds that fit good to games. For example if I am looking for sounds for picking up coins, gems or other pickup in games and search for "coin" for example I only get results that have recordings of actual coins being picked up or dropped. These sounds, while being realistic does not really fit so good often right into the game.

Do you guys have any favorite place to find more effect style sounds? Or even a site dedicated to more gamey sfx?

posted 2014-09-19T19:39:36-07:00

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Might be just as easy to reach out to a sound designer here. A lot of us have pretty large sound libraries that are leaps and bounds better than the usual stock stuff you find floating around.

posted 2014-09-21T01:47:07-07:00