I just released "The Unknown Game" a free OST on Bandcamp. Enjoy

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Ashton Morris

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I just released a free OST on Bandcamp in the style of a 16bit beat-em-up. It’s called “The Unknown Game.”


It includes royalty free loops as bonus tracks for anyone to use in their projects.




You can find out more info in the album description.






Ashton Morris


posted 2014-08-02T20:53:58-07:00

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Just saw you're in Orlando.. cheers! Tampa here.

Lived there in college and then a few years after that when I taught college. Well Winter Park actually, but how much of Orlando is really Orlando? :)

posted 2014-08-02T21:16:00-07:00

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I've been hearing your OST and to be honest… I think that you should not be giving this for free. It's a very profesional job in my opinion. Are you sure you drained all the options before giving it away? I know times are hard for media composers but I just can't believe that there is no buyer for a work like that.

Anyway good job (y)

posted 2014-08-10T06:13:29-07:00
Super Audio Brains

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I have to second MilesInDaHat on this one. Its good work, did you try to sell it and make something from it?

Being 100% honest it scares me that work of this quality is being given away as it cheapens what we do and makes it much more difficult to make money.

That said, well done and keep up the good work.

posted 2014-08-11T08:23:30-07:00