Are Comic Books dead???

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I know Marvel and DC comic characters do well in theaters...but how well is the comic book industry doing?

When I was a kid (30 years ago)...comic shops were every where. Comics only cost about 1$ back then. I think now they cost around $2.50 (Way too much).

I recently heard Marvel is going to turn Iron Man gay...Thor into a woman...and Captain America Black.

Seems like they're trying to beat a dead horse.

Maybe they need to do more well thought out graphic novels...instead of that monthly crap they rush out.

posted 2014-08-02T11:31:11-07:00

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As dead as comic sans.

posted 2014-08-03T20:35:49-07:00

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They're selling pretty well on the HumbleBundle sales, and I have a local comic book store (literally nothing else) that's been doing great for years, so I'd say no, they're doing fine.

posted 2014-08-04T14:21:13-07:00

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They still have their fans, but I believe that a lot of media aimed at kids and geeks has been crushed by video gaming. I'm so out of the loop that I could be wrong though.

posted 2014-09-08T23:55:33-07:00

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Its not a bad speculation. I haven't looked into the matter.  I know print isn't monetized as greatly as video games.

posted 2014-09-10T06:58:57-07:00

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I don't think it would be too bad? I still buy all my comics in bulk online, usually waiting for the hardcover compilations :)

posted 2015-04-13T06:45:03-07:00

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I think that now the comics is orienting to a lot of differents characters like Scott Pilgrim comics and the two big universes is becoming less popular in favor of those type of comics.

posted 2015-06-07T14:16:33-07:00

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A lot of TV series are also being resurrected as comic books, so I would say there is a healthy market if that's the case.

posted 2015-07-15T12:14:20-07:00

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One of the gimmicks they're trying now is to have celebrities 'co-write' comic books.  Renowned stand-up comic (okay maybe semi-renowned) Brian Posehn contributes heavily to the Deadpool comics, which helped raise that franchise's profile.

posted 2015-10-14T15:55:15-07:00