60S Organs and Oddities: cheap VI

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The guys at Rattly and Raw have done it again. Some really cool organ sounds on this one.

From their website:

A collection of 3 hard to find organs from the 60s PLUS four other bonus organs from other periods!


1. 60s Valve Organ - A huge valve monster with two separate keyboard instruments, loads of voices, a cool repeat function, lots of spring verb IRs and more!
2. 60s Wind Powered Organ - A cool little Italian fan powered organ with a separate multiple chord instrument
3. 60s Combo Organ - A classic british organ's rarer little sibling, bags of character and a cutting tone.
4. A Large manually operated bellows driven harmonium. Lots of extras!
5. Mini-Organ - a tiny but awesome little organ synth, not from the 60s but it's so cool, we didn't care....
6. Soprano Melodica - Just about organy enough to include in this pack...so we DID!
7. The Boiler Organ: A bonus organ conceived and constructed in the RAR sound lab from harmonic tones!

These were all sampled with U67s, Royer R122, MD441, or/and new AKG D12VR and run through Neve 33135 or Api preamps. We spent a great deal of time capturing all the voices available on each instrument as awesomely as possible to avoid any post-production. We also retuned any that were waaaay out (and left you the original tuning as an option also!)

There are several custom IRs in most of the instruments, all selectable via a menu. These are fantastic huge vintage springs to tiny vintage springs as well as the (very hard to sample) spring verb from the valve organ itself!

Cost about $25 (15 British Pounds) 


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