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This is for a very basic logic/puzzle game, so at first I tried a very simplistic design:

Ver. 1

In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZQ-8eCIUYQ


Some people liked it, but some didn't, because it was "boring" or "too simple". So I tried something else with my extremely limited art skills, but I'm not sure if this goes in the right direction:

Ver. 2

In action: Current version



Is the new version a step in the right direction? Isn't it too busy?

Also, any suggestions/improvement tips would be very appreciated.



Ver. 3

Ver. 4

posted 2014-06-21T14:02:11-07:00 | edited 2014-06-22T11:19:02-07:00

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I'm not an artist (at all) but I do know what I find personally appealing and the new version is much worse than the original.  The colours of the original were subtle, subdued and coherent.  The new version is a random rainbow with no nuance whatsoever.

However, the buttons / icons are definitely a step in the right direction and giving the background more than a solid colour is a good idea.

I, personally, think you should merge the two and continue smoothing everything out.

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Agreed with GroZZler.

posted 2014-06-21T17:03:14-07:00

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Thanks both of you! I guess I felt the same personally, but I received some mixed feedback from friends & family.

Added 2 more versions and still looking for more feedback!

posted 2014-06-22T11:22:11-07:00

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you can go for a more flat style which is popular in mobile these days. but if I have to choose ver. 3 is better

posted 2014-06-22T13:38:54-07:00

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I think you should choose either 3 or 4. Maybe leaning towards 3 since that flat style art style is appealing.

The reasons I like Version 4  is because its a combination between version 2 and 3 which has a nice appeal due to the outlining, it makes the blocks stand out and makes it easier to distinguish the colors before pressing them. Other then that, the game has a nice concept! 

posted 2014-06-22T23:47:50-07:00

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What about an option where player can choose between flat and texturized graphics? :)

posted 2014-06-22T23:51:47-07:00

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yeah, you can make the player choose what texture / style they want. I know some chess games do this.

posted 2014-06-23T01:36:20-07:00

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Thank you all!

I know I can provide several versions (I probably should just to support colorblind players anyway), but I think most players won't use them - so I want to find the best possible default.

posted 2014-06-23T09:05:06-07:00

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I really like the 3rd version Wink
But the option to make the player choose is good too 

posted 2015-01-30T02:02:19-08:00